Press Registration

We encourage reporters, photographers, cameramen and news production staff. Please take some time to have an official INDONESIA MOTORCYCLE SHOW press ID Card , which you can apply for below :


  1. The official Press ID of Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2018 is the official press identification card issued by the organizer of Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2018 for the media, which is only valid for the IMOS 2018 that took place 31 October to 4 November 2018 and does not apply during the exhibition set-up period.
  2. Media with registered Press Id Card get full access to :
    • The pictures and exclusive news released by the committee in the press room and in the
    • Press room equipped with facilities such as computers, internet access, copiers, printers. Press kits which contain important information about the exhibition like pictures, official news, daily events schedule, and other supporting information. Details are available in hard copy and soft copy.
  3. The Official IMOS 2018 Press ID is only valid for the editorial staff (reporters, photographers, cameramen, and news production staff) from printed media, website, television, radio and news agency.
  4. The Official IMOS 2018 Press ID does not apply to non-editorial staff of media (marketing/promotion staff of media, advertising agencies, communications consultants, as well as individual website/blog).


To acquire IMOS 2018 Official Press Id, editorial staff must register in advance


  1. Press ID Card Registration : Starts on 10 Agustus, 2018 and closed on 10 September , 2018.
  2. Opening day : 31 October 2018
  3. Press room operation schedule :
    – Weekdays (Wednesday – Thursday) : 10.00 21.00 WIB
    – Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) : 10.00 21.00 WIB

    For a complete schedule of press conferences, programs, and other information, please visit