Indonesia motorcycle show

IMOS Facility

IMOS Facility 1

Food & Baverage Area

In order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment of the exhibition, we require all exhibitors not to eat and drink at the exhibition areas (inside booths). Food Hall will be located : Hall B Dining Area & Glass Door Dining area.

IMOS Facility 2

Smoking Area

JCC area is a non-smoking exhibition venue. Hence, smoking is only allowed outside of exhibition areas/ halls and smoking lounges which is available in several areas.

IMOS Facility 3

Musholla / Praying Room (including Friday Prayers)

Organizer will provide musholla at JCC area for visitors who intend to pray. Musholla is located at Lower Lobby.

IMOS Facility 4

Ambulance & Medical Room

Organizer will provide an ambulance, a doctor, and paramedics should any health and medical assistances are required by exhibitors and visitors in case of any accident in the exhibition areas. Medical Room will be located at Plenary Hall.

IMOS Facility 5

Business Center

A room to serve as a business center equipped with online computers, typewriter, telephone, facsimile, and other facilities are located inside the area of the JCC. The usage of such facilities.

IMOS Facility 6

Nursery Room

Organizer will provide a nursing room for children going to this room for nursing and changing. Every child in this room must be accompanied by an adult. Nursery Room will be located at Plenary Hall.

IMOS Facility 7

Pool Taxi Area

Located at drop off area Assembly hall, organizer will provide Taxi Stand services for visitors & exhibitors.

IMOS Facility 8

Parking Area

Located at Gelora Bung Karno Poolside parking area.